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Welcome to the Perception and Autonomous Robotics Group (PeAR)'s website. PeAR is led by Prof. Nitin J. Sanket. Our lab was founded in 2022 and our home is the Robotics Engineering Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Our mission is to tackle fundamental problems in robot perception and autonomy to enable better life. We work on pushing the boundaries of autonomy at extreme resource constrained tiny robots using only on-board computation and sensing. In-particular we work on navigation of nano-drones (and other robots) using only cameras and inertial sensors and onboard computation without the need for external infrastructure such as GPS or motion capture systems. We call our approach to autonomy as Minimal-AI due to the nature of its design and its efficiency in solving the desired tasks. We utilize concepts from Active Perception, Interactive Perception, Passive and Novel computing and Deep Compression.

Prof. Nitin J. Sanket


Manoj Velmurugan

Ph.D. Student

Sai Ramana Kiran

Masters Student

Rishabh Singh

Masters Student

Kushagra Srivastava

Masters Student

Krunal Bhatt

Masters Student

Rutwik Kulkarni

Masters Student

Our alumni can be found here.

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