We conduct our research in multiple laboratory settings. The PeAR headquarters is located in Unity Hall 100B where students' desks and workstations are setup. Almost all the programming and whiteboard sessions happen here. Prof. Sanket's office is located in Unity Hall 250E. The initial flight experiments are performed in the flying space in front of PeAR headquarters AKA Unity Hall 100 Suite. The final flight experiments are performed in the Washburn flying space. Our neural networks are trained on a combination of custom powerful PCs and the Turing high-performance computing cluster at WPI which has 60 GPUs and will be expanded to twice the amount in the near future. We implement our solutions on a variety of robotic systems and sensors including:

  • 14 Vicon Vero v2.2 Motion Capture Camera System
  • 5 PRG Husky Platforms based on the Parot Bebop 2
  • 2 PRG Labrador Platforms for heavy lift capabilities
  • 2 PRG Whippet Platforms
  • 16 PeAR Corgi 210 Platforms
  • 20 DJI Tello Edu Platforms
  • 20 Intel RealSense D435i Cameras
  • 12 Intel RealSense T265 Tracking Cameras
  • 10 Luxonis OAK-D Lite Cameras
  • 1 MultiSense SL Head
  • 1 DVSExplorer Event Camera
  • 16 NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano
  • "Borrowed" Multitude of 3D Printers with helpers to get best build quality (Thanks Prof. Markus Nemitz)
  • "Borrowed" Lincoln Autonomous Systems car with a multitude of cameras, LIDARs and sensors (Thanks Prof. Xinming Huang)

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Perception and Autonomous Robotics Group
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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