Media Coverage

The following is list of Media coverage for our research work over the years.


Pollination Using Bee-Quadrotors

Are Robot Bees The Future? | Planet Fix | BBC Earth Lab

LogOn: World’s Smallest Drones Could Revolutionize Agriculture, Search and Rescue Efforts

Computer Scientist Creates Hive of Ideas for Drones

This tiny drone can pollinate crops to help overworked bees

Busy as Robotic Bees | Enterprise Research Stories

AI-Powered Robotic Bees: A Journey Into The Mind And Body!

Busy as Robotic Bees

Awarded the Larry S. Davis Award for Best Computer Science PhD Thesis at University of Maryland, 2021. News Article

Awarded the MDPI Drones 2021 PhD Thesis Award for a highly anticipated academic thesis that shows great potential, 2021. News Article


Active Vision Based Embodied-AI Design For Nano-UAV Autonomy

Doctoral dissertation

Nitin J. Sanket, Doctoral dissertation, 2021.


StereoPi-powered drones and... the StereoPi v2!

MorphEyes gives movable eyes to a drone


MorphEyes: Variable Baseline Stereo For Quadrotor Navigation

ICRA 2021

Nitin J. Sanket, Chahat Deep Singh, Varun Asthana, Cornelia Fermuller, Yiannis Aloimonos, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) , 2021.

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This drone relies on AI to dodge objects thrown at it

Watch This Drone Expertly Dodge Stuff Thrown at it

AI helps drones dodge fast-moving objects


EVDodgeNet: Deep Dynamic Obstacle Dodging with Event Cameras

ICRA 2020

Nitin J. Sanket*, Chethan M. Parameshwara*, Chahat Deep Singh, Ashwin V. Kuruttukulam, Cornelia Fermuller, Davide Scaramuzza, Yiannis Aloimonos, IEEE International Confernce on Robotics and Automation, Paris, 2020.
* Equal Contribution

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Insect-Inspired Vision System Helps Drones Pass Through Small Gaps

New techniques teach drones to fly through small holes

New techniques teach drones to fly through small holes

Awarded the Brin Family Prize, 2018. News Article

and many more


GapFlyt: Active Vision Based Minimalist Structure-less Gap Detection For Quadrotor Flight

RA-L 2018 | IROS 2018

Nitin J. Sanket*, Chahat Deep Singh*, Kanishka Ganguly, Cornelia Fermuller, Yiannis Aloimonos, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2018.
* Equal Contribution

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